You can now track the source of the donations by passing utm parameters to your donation page or your website's embedded page url. We currently record following utm parameters for a donation.






Note: utm_source parameter has to be present if you want other utm parameters to be recorded.

Below is an example of a donation URL with utm parameters:

Below is an example of a website page URL with utm parameters:

You can find the details of the utm parameters recorded with the donation on the donation detail page. Go to the dashboard page > Donations tab > Click 'Show' for the donation. Additionally, the utm parameters will also be added to the csv file when exported.

Track the source of the donation with Salesforce

Now that we can track the source of the donation via UTM parameters, you can also export those parameters to your salesforce account. If you have enabled salesforce integration, go to the Salesforce Data Mapping page and scroll down to find the UTM parameters and map it to salesforce fields of your choice.

Please feel free to write to us if you have any questions at