Donorbox has implemented some measures to strengthen and improve our integration with PayPal.  

This means that Organizations may only connect business/merchant PayPal accounts to Donorbox. Personal PayPal accounts are no longer supported. In many countries, including US and EU, you can still upgrade to a business account without being registered as a formal organization.

If you are already connected to Donorbox with a personal PayPal account, you need to do an upgrade. You can do this by following these steps:

1. Click

2. Select the green "Upgrade" button next your PayPal account, as shown here:

You will then be taken through all the necessary steps with PayPal to upgrade your personal account into a business account.  

If PayPal allows you to get a Business account without being formally registered as such, simply choose "Individual / Sole Proprietor" as your Business Type, as shown below. Requested information like tax numbers, EIN, etc. will be optional in this case.

Once your upgrade is done, you will be taken back to Donorbox, where the green "Upgrade" button will turn blue, and your merchant ID will displayed too.