If the Donorbox widget is not resizing properly on your Squarspace website, chances are that the Squarespace template you are using has a feature called Ajax Loading. In the newer templates, the Ajax Loading feature is enabled by default. This feature is enabled for automatically loading blog posts as the visitor scrolls down the page. However, this disrupts our widget's ability to resize its height when the user is navigating through the donation steps.


To make the Donorbox widget auto-resize correctly, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Squarespace editor and select the page in which you have embedded the Donorbox widget.

2. On the left menu, click Design.

3. In the Design menu, select Style Editor.

4. In the Style menu, you will see a setting called Enable Ajax Loading. Disable it following the steps in the picture below and click Save.

Then, open your website in a new browser window to see the donation widget auto-resize when you navigate through the donation steps.