To start editing your receipts please go to your Account, and click the option Year-end Donor Receipt.

There you will find the option to edit your Year-end Donor Receipt and your Year-end Donor Email Template.

Year-end Donor Receipt

The Year-end Donor Receipt is a summary of how much a specific donor has contributed to your organization. It includes your organization information and a summary of donations. Make sure to have all your organization information accurate and complete since this will be auto-generating a pdf receipt for each of your donors.

You will be able to edit the final message of your receipt. After editing the receipt, you will able to download a preview (with test data) of the receipt that your donors will get.

Year-end Donor Email Template

The Year-end Donor Email is the message that your donors will get in their inbox. Start by editing the subject line and body text of your email. Don’t forget your email will contain the receipt attached. After you have finished editing your email, you will be able to send a test email. Here you will have an opportunity to know exactly how your donors will be viewing their receipts.