We estimate the cover fee by using 2.2% + 30c (nonprofit Stripe rate) + 1.5% (Donorbox platform fee if you get at least $1000 in donations for the month) totaling 3.7% + 30c.

Your actual processing fee will vary depending on these factors:

  1.  If you have the NPO discount rate from Stripe or PayPal. 
  2. The type of card you are using. AMEX charges a flat 3.5% (no 30c charge) for U.S. nonprofits.
  3. The country your Stripe account is registered in. See https://donorbox.org/pricing
  4. Whether your organization will reach $1000 in donations for the month. Donorbox will only assess the 1.5% platform fee if you get to $1,000. 
  5. If the donor is using a card outside of your Stripe country.

Because Donorbox cannot know your actual processing fee ahead of time, the fee amount in the checkbox is estimated.

To get the nonprofit discount rate please email Stripe at sales+nonprofit@stripe.com. If you use PayPal, go to https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/donations