Donorbox is free if you get less than $1,000 in donations for a month. If you reach $1,000 for a month, we charge a small platform transaction fee of 1.5% for the entire month's donations. Donorbox invoices & charges your billing card at the beginning of the next month if any fees are incurred during the month. 

Please note that the Donorbox platform fee of 1.5% is much lower than other recurring donation platforms. The platform fees are essential for Donorbox to keep our platform running and for our team to be able to introduce new payment and data integration features.

Additionally, Stripe and PayPal merchant accounts charge 2.9% + $0.30 for credit card processing. For ACH (direct bank donation), Stripe charges 0.8%, with a cap of $5. These fees are deducted immediately. Fees may be discounted down to 2.2% + 30c for registered nonprofits. To get the nonprofit discount, please email and apply at PayPal's Nonprofit Center.

We also have some a few optional add-on features that have monthly fees:

MailChimp Integration: $8/month. You can customize which list a donation goes to on a per-campaign basis.

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack Integration: $25/month

Corporate Gift Matching: $40/month 

API & Zapier Integration: $17/month