Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking allows you to measure a number of transactions and donations that the organization makes when using the donation widget. To enable Ecommerce tracking on Google Analytics, please follow the steps below:

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce set up

1. Log in to Google Analytics ( and navigate to the account that you have already integrated or are going to integrate with Donorbox.


2. Click on Admin in the left menu.


3. Choose Ecommerce Settings in the views section.


4. By default, Enable Ecommerce status will be off. Switch it to ON and then click Next step.


5. By default, Enhanced Ecommerce Settings will be off. Switch it to ON and select Submit.


NOTE: In some cases, there may be a delay between transaction data being reflected on the Google Analytics dashboard and the time that the donation was made. The exact delay varies, but may take between 24-48 hours to be reflected.