Stripe and PayPal are amazing payment processors that interact with the banks' charging facility. However, they don't have a nice form to collect donations or store donor data. They also don't have a good facility to manage recurring donations. Donorbox provides numerous features including:

1. Optimized donation form for donation checkout. 

2. Recurring donation charge timer

3. Data collect of important donor data

4. Donor receipts

5. The ability for donors to log in to update their recurring donation (update amount, pause, change donation date, etc). Organizations can also help manage recurring donation plans

6. If a card for recurring donation is expired, email the donor to ask them to update their card 

7. Ability to collect any questions from your donors including donation designation or custom questions

Optionally we also have these add-on features:

1. MailChimp Integration

2. Company donation matching

3. Salesforce NPSP integration