Donorbox uses Stripe and PayPal as it's payment processors. They each have their own policies regarding how often they pay out, how long it takes to process funds, etc. Here's a short breakdown of how Stripe and PayPal handle your funds and how long it will take to reach your bank account:

Stripe Donations

Stripe will automatically transfer your funds from your Stripe account to your bank account based on the settings in your transfer schedule. In the USA, Canada, and Australia, transfers will automatically be completed every 2 business days. However, your first transfer may take a little longer, around 7 days. In most other countries, transfers are set to be completed every 7 business days

You can access a summary of past and upcoming payouts, along with estimated dates of when they will reflect in your bank account (see image below).

If you want to see an itemized list of each individual payout, you can view this here.

PayPal Donations

Unlike Stripe, PayPal requires you to initiate the transfer of your funds from your PayPal account to your bank account. After you’ve initiated the transfer, the funds will arrive in your bank account within 2 to 3 business days.